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There are five types of soil found in the Municipality. These are Hydrosol, Bolinao Clay Loam, Buang Clay Loam, Catanuan Clay Loam and Silain Silt.


The municipality falls under the Type IV in the climate map of the Philippines PAG-ASA and is characterized by more or less distribution of rainfall throughout the year.

The rainfall data from Tayabas Sypnotic Station was used to determine the monthly precipitation in the area. Based on the twenty-nine year record (1971-1999), the annual average precipitation was recorded to be 3,122.50 mm. The maximum precipitation occurs during the month of November with an average value of 545.6 mm.

Record of maximum daily rainfall amounts can be attributed to the seasonal typhoons (coincident with Southwest Monsoon) that regularly enter the country. Data available from PAG-ASA indicate that an average of 16 tropical cyclones (tropical depressions, storm or typhoons) per year affected weather conditions at various regions of the Philippines.

Mineral/Water Resources

The municipality is abundant of mineral resources. The rivers are among the more important natural endowment of Gumaca. These rivers as convenient sources of water, quarry and aquatic resources. Inland water bodies serve as natural boundaries with neighboring municipalities and drain its surface waters Lamon Bay.

Land Resources

The land uses of the municipality of Gumaca, Quezon are subdivided to built-up, residential, commercial, institutional, agricultural, park and open spaces.


Gumaca has a population of 69,103 for the calendar year 2006 with an annual growth of 2.47%. Majority of the population settle in the rural areas with 54,555 or 79%. The urban area has a population of 14,548 or 21% of the total population. The municipal government of Gumaca household population reaches up to 13,862 and population density of 3.03 per hectare.

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