During the early days. Most of all places especially villages have no name and people living are few. As days passes by. Population grew and some are born talented and one or two of them will name a place based on residents’ majority decisions. And consents. Before Anonangin has no name and it is one (1) sitio of Gumaca town or called Poblacion. People in the place used to till soil and planted rice. Various kind of fruits such as bananas and vegetable which will give them big benefit in the future long before the Spanish era this sitio has a big big tree was called Anonangin and the fruit of this tree was the famous paste in the area. Where in people in Gumaca going here to reproduce the Anonang fruits. Especially during summer time. Said paste was used as paste and making kites. According to an old story. The name “Anonang” originated from the Spanish soldier who strolling at said place and met a natives under the Anonang tree and asked the natives. Hey whats the name of this placed. The natives frightens an answered Anonangin thinking that the Spanish soldier asking them what is the name of the tree instead the name of the palace. Then the Spanish soldiers remembered “clearly” Anonangin so the afternoon reported to their superiors that the place they visited is called Anonangin.

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