Gumaca's Fish Sanctuary

  • Saturday, 24 June 2017
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Gumaca's Fish Sanctuary is located in Brgy. Calumanguin, considered as the gateway because coming from Manila, it is the first barangay approaching the town proper. This is also the area where seafood restaurants and carinderias sprout all around. Of late, this has become a favorite stop-over. And why not? It’s just across the Lamon Bay where the beautiful sight and cool sea breeze abound.

Any traveler passing-by will surely notice the bamboo raft or balsa that's just floating right there and wonder what it is for.

On purpose, it’s strategically placed there jointly by the LGU’s Agriculture Office, Bantay Dagat, Samahan ng mga Maliliit na Mangingisda and the barangay to serve as the safeguard post for the fish sanctuary in the area in reference to the municipal ordinance protecting its coral reefs and inhabitants. But for the Tourism Office, it’s more than that being a post but rather as another attraction that is sure to draw sea and diving enthusiasts. So there goes again the Admin/Tourism staff, the Kalasag strong swimmers and MSEUF OJTs out to explore and discover what lies under. What we found out is another spectacle captivating another wondrous creation for everyone to enjoy. We failed to capture the magnificence of the reef because we don’t have yet the gadget to do so but it’s enough that we see them right before our eyes. And yes, sitting in the raft, diving from there and swimming in the seas are definitely worth all the time and effort and are something worth going back to. This despite some cuts, wounds and boat turning over.

Once done, it’s always better to try any of the restaurants and savor fresh catch to fill every hungry stomach!

And by the way, Tourism Development is also part of Mayor Erwin and Vice Mayor Elchor Caralian's agenda.

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