The Limbon-Limbon Adventure

  • Monday, 19 June 2017
  • 197 times

Gumaca’s main tourism activity is the Araña’t Baluarte Festival which has so far been gaining grounds as indeed a major festival of Quezon.  But after Araña’t Baluarte, people would have to wait until the next May for them to come back.

In an effort to make Gumaca a tourist destination, Mayor Erwin conceptualized the Gumaca Waterfront Heritage Development aiming to transform Gumaca as a heritage town and thus a tourism haven.  Likewise, to complement the man-made attractions the municipality already has like the centuries old San Diego Fortress and San Diego Cathedral, the visionary Mayor also tasked its Tourism Unit to explore other natural scenic spots that can be found in the locality.  Bosque Cave in Brgy. Villa Mendoza and the fish sanctuary in Brgy. Calumanguin so far are the most promising in terms of easy access and natural beauty.  The Inaclagan Falls in Brgy. Inaclagan can also be another spot given the right amount of nurturing and care. 

Last June 16, the Tourism group composed of Admin, Pam, Dairyl, Albert and OJTs from MSEUF Holden, Spencer, Angel, Sherry & Jenifer  assisted by Kalasag’s Siaga and San Miguel trekked to Brgy. Malabtog to discover another wonder - that is the Limbon-limbon Falls.  After several strides and slides here and there, walking, climbing, crossing rivers – we arrived to the first falls after 40 minutes.  Expectedly, it was a sight worth capturing and with the tempting waters rushing over, it’s time to take a dip and be freshened up after a tiring travel.  Lo and behold, there’s still a second falls about 15 minutes away.  So there we go eager to find out what’s up there.  It’s even more beautiful than the first one except for the landslides that blocked its entrance.  But the rock walls are sturdier and mighty high, you’d think you are from another place.  And yes, the water is once again so tempting that more took a dive and experienced its coldness.  But wait, there’s a third falls we were told! However, the climb is steeper and harder so we opted not to go anymore and instead decided to go back imagining the food waiting for us at Kap Manalo’s home who together with his wife were such gracious hosts.  Coincidentally, today happens to be Brgy. Malabtog’s Corazon de Jesus Feast.

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