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Gumaca Goes to Taoyuan City

  • Friday, 04 August 2017

Last July 31, 2017, Gumaca’s Municipal Administrator Elmo Caralian went to Taoyuan City, Taiwan for a courtesy visit where he had a great experience meeting up with distinguish gentlemen in the persons of Yang Sheng-Ping, Ph.D. of the Department of Tourism and Kuo Cheng-Chuan, Director-General of Agriculture.  Discussed were the present situations of both Gumaca and Taoyuan, their similarities and differences as well as probable partnerships and transfer of technologies in the field of Tourism and Agriculture.  The two government organizations each presented and introduced to one another their respective communities.

Submitted also was the Municipal Resolution signed by Mayor Erwin and Vice Mayor Elchor Caralian signifying Gumaca’s intention to forge a sisterhood agreement with Taoyuan City.

Gumaca's Fish Sanctuary

  • Saturday, 24 June 2017

Gumaca's Fish Sanctuary is located in Brgy. Calumanguin, considered as the gateway because coming from Manila, it is the first barangay approaching the town proper. This is also the area where seafood restaurants and carinderias sprout all around. Of late, this has become a favorite stop-over. And why not? It’s just across the Lamon Bay where the beautiful sight and cool sea breeze abound.

Any traveler passing-by will surely notice the bamboo raft or balsa that's just floating right there and wonder what it is for.

On purpose, it’s strategically placed there jointly by the LGU’s Agriculture Office, Bantay Dagat, Samahan ng mga Maliliit na Mangingisda and the barangay to serve as the safeguard post for the fish sanctuary in the area in reference to the municipal ordinance protecting its coral reefs and inhabitants. But for the Tourism Office, it’s more than that being a post but rather as another attraction that is sure to draw sea and diving enthusiasts. So there goes again the Admin/Tourism staff, the Kalasag strong swimmers and MSEUF OJTs out to explore and discover what lies under. What we found out is another spectacle captivating another wondrous creation for everyone to enjoy. We failed to capture the magnificence of the reef because we don’t have yet the gadget to do so but it’s enough that we see them right before our eyes. And yes, sitting in the raft, diving from there and swimming in the seas are definitely worth all the time and effort and are something worth going back to. This despite some cuts, wounds and boat turning over.

Once done, it’s always better to try any of the restaurants and savor fresh catch to fill every hungry stomach!

And by the way, Tourism Development is also part of Mayor Erwin and Vice Mayor Elchor Caralian's agenda.

Gumaca Task Force/Bantay Bayan

  • Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Gumaca Task Force or Bantay Bayan was created through a Municipal Ordinance authored by then Councilor Dr. Elchor Caralian.  Now a Vice Mayor and Chairman of PNP Gumaca’s Municipal Advisory Council, he makes sure Bantay Bayan’s operations are sustained and supported with the necessary logistics.  After all, these brave men and women roaming our streets every night while most of us are sleeping help maintain peace and order in our communities.

Mayor Erwin Caralian likewise guarantee that they are given due importance for the volunteer work they are doing.  Thus, additional uniforms were distributed by the Municipal Administrator which they can use when patrolling for their easy identification.  In his message, the Administrator thanked the Task Force members for partnering with the LGU as its force multipliers without expecting anything in return except to offer their voluntary services.  Admin also expressed his appreciation to Mr. Paps Nera who through outgoing MESPO Nelson Labis sponsored these new uniforms.

Through the BFAR Provincial Office represented by Ms. Sonia Elloso, select fisher folks from Brgys. Tabing Dagat and Buensuceso were each given fishing paraphernalia which are sure to help them increase their catch and their earning potentials.

A mini-program was held with MAO Brigette, MFARMC President Tata Bert, SMM President Kuya Gene and representatives from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR).  Mayor Erwin and Vice Mayor Elchor were represented by the Municipal Administrator who expressed LGUs appreciation to BFAR for bringing to Gumaca such blessings and at the same time reminded the recipients to make good use of the fishing gears to improve their livelihood.

In celebration of Father’s Day, the Senior Citizens paid tribute to all the fathers in their organization by honoring them with songs, dances and exchanges of beautiful messages.  They prepared a program for the fathers to enjoy and be recognized for the important role they play as head of their families.

The highlight of the program was the first-ever awarding of the Fathers of the Year – one from the community and the other from among their ranks.  According to Ma’am Lucy Eroa, they conducted a survey asking for who they think is the total embodiment of a perfect father who deserve to be called Father of the Year. 

In the first category, Mayor Erwin is the unanimous choice of the respondents.  To paraphrase, “si Mayor ay matalino, mabait, tapat sa kanyang tungkulin, madaling lapitan, matulungin, mapagmahal sa pamilya at sa taumbayan, matibay ang paniniwala sa ating Panginoon.”  These are but among the few I can remember said about our Mayor.   Even Tatay Virgilio Florido, the other Father of the Year awardee, in his acceptance speech, recalled the time when Mayor Erwin and his wife Mayora Jo gave their all-out support to them when several years back, they participated and emerged winners in a street dancing competition.

Unfortunately, the Mayor was not around to personally accept his award because of an equally important meeting with Governor Suarez and all the other Mayors of Quezon Province.  Vice Mayor Elchor, on the hand, is attending a 3-day Vice Mayor’s League convention.  That makes the Municipal Administrator – yours truly – the only choice left to receive the much-coveted award.  And he did it with aplomb stealing the show from the real recipient as if the award was meant to be his.  He gave a heartfelt message about the influence of their father – the late Mayor Rodolfo Caralian to his children and how his life as a public servant shaped the destinies of both Mayor and Vice Mayor to also aspire and strive to be the best that they can be in the service of their fellow Gumaqueños. At some point getting a bit emotional reminiscing and wondering what could have happened had Tatay Dolfo lived longer.  And being in the same family, the Municipal Administrator also shared how both his siblings in their own respective ways express love, care and affection especially to their children.

DSWD’s Cash for Work

  • Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Cash for Work is a short-term intervention program of the DSWD to provide temporary employment to distressed or displaced individuals by participating in preparedness, mitigation, relief, rehabilitation or risk reduction projects and activities in their communities.


LGU Gumaca through its MSWDO implements this program at every opportunity given and so this morning more than 400 individuals received cash amounting to

2, 175 each in exchange for the work they have rendered in their respective communities. These somehow serve as their salaries which can help augment their requirement for food and other family basic necessities.


Speaking in behalf of Mayor Erwin & Vice Mayor Elchor Caralian, the recipients are reminded to use their money wisely and for the DSWD to continuously provide LGU Gumaca this cash for work program. MSWDO’s Nancy Anacion together with barangay officials where community works are done facilitated the distribution of the cash.

Last June 16, at the Barangay Hall of Brgy. Manlayaan, the culminating activity for the training participated by corn farmers of Gumaca ended with the distribution of various farming supplies and equipment each amounting to about P20K.

This partnership between DSWD’s Sustainable Livelihood Program and LGU’s  Municipal Agriculture Office had the full support and encouragement of Mayor Erwin and Vice Mayor Elchor to ensure our corn farmers are given updates on their skills and knowledge and at the same time provide them with logistical assistance to make them more productive and engaged with their work.

The Limbon-Limbon Adventure

  • Monday, 19 June 2017

Gumaca’s main tourism activity is the Araña’t Baluarte Festival which has so far been gaining grounds as indeed a major festival of Quezon.  But after Araña’t Baluarte, people would have to wait until the next May for them to come back.

In an effort to make Gumaca a tourist destination, Mayor Erwin conceptualized the Gumaca Waterfront Heritage Development aiming to transform Gumaca as a heritage town and thus a tourism haven.  Likewise, to complement the man-made attractions the municipality already has like the centuries old San Diego Fortress and San Diego Cathedral, the visionary Mayor also tasked its Tourism Unit to explore other natural scenic spots that can be found in the locality.  Bosque Cave in Brgy. Villa Mendoza and the fish sanctuary in Brgy. Calumanguin so far are the most promising in terms of easy access and natural beauty.  The Inaclagan Falls in Brgy. Inaclagan can also be another spot given the right amount of nurturing and care. 

Last June 16, the Tourism group composed of Admin, Pam, Dairyl, Albert and OJTs from MSEUF Holden, Spencer, Angel, Sherry & Jenifer  assisted by Kalasag’s Siaga and San Miguel trekked to Brgy. Malabtog to discover another wonder - that is the Limbon-limbon Falls.  After several strides and slides here and there, walking, climbing, crossing rivers – we arrived to the first falls after 40 minutes.  Expectedly, it was a sight worth capturing and with the tempting waters rushing over, it’s time to take a dip and be freshened up after a tiring travel.  Lo and behold, there’s still a second falls about 15 minutes away.  So there we go eager to find out what’s up there.  It’s even more beautiful than the first one except for the landslides that blocked its entrance.  But the rock walls are sturdier and mighty high, you’d think you are from another place.  And yes, the water is once again so tempting that more took a dive and experienced its coldness.  But wait, there’s a third falls we were told! However, the climb is steeper and harder so we opted not to go anymore and instead decided to go back imagining the food waiting for us at Kap Manalo’s home who together with his wife were such gracious hosts.  Coincidentally, today happens to be Brgy. Malabtog’s Corazon de Jesus Feast.

Last June 15, the Virgin Coconut Oil Processing Center located in Brgy. Villa Padua finally comes to full circle as its inauguration and ribbon cutting took place.  Brgy. Captain Pancho Ona welcomed visitors from the Provincial Agriculture Office, Philippine Coconut Authority, Green Life (the company who will market the product), other VCO producers from the different towns of Quezon, Municipal Agriculture Office and Municipal Mayor’s Office.

The President of Ibaba at Ilayang Villa Padua Farmers Association and their designated manager Kgd. Lorna Ranas are both optimistic that with the help and connections from different government agencies and private entities, their VCO can become a major livelihood industry for Gumaqueños.

Gumaca’s Municipal Administrator spoke on Mayor Erwin and Vice Mayor Elchor’s behalf expressing congratulations and gratitude as well to all those responsible for this momentous event to happen.

The association did an actual demonstration of VCO processing proving that they are indeed ready to conquer the market.

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